Buy Your Next Home Before You Sell

Our Trade-In Mortgage affords you the convenience of buying your next home before you sell your current one.

Avoid having to rent after selling or living in your home while its being sold. And much, much more.

Best of all, we guarantee the sale of your old home for an agreed amount with our Purchase Price Guarantee.

Why Choose a Trade-In Mortgage ?

Skip Having to Rent

Move straight from your current home into your new home without the hassle of renting and moving twice.

Renovate before moving in

Instead of renovating after you've moved in, take the time upfront to make your new home perfect for you.

Guaranteed Sale

We'll buy your home for an agreed, guaranteed price if you can't sell it.

Hassle-Free Sale

Sell your old home only once you've moved into your new home and avoid being there for the touch-ups, stagings, showings and open houses.

Get More For Your Old Home

If you require, we'll advance you the funds to repair your existing home once you've moved, preparing it for a better sale.

Make Strong Offers

Our trade-in mortgage uses the wealth in your current home to make a stronger, cash-like offer on your new home. As if you'd sold first.

How It Works

Blok Home Loans has partnered with financial specialists, Calque, to bring you the Trade-In Mortgage. It works as follows:

Get pre-approved quickly and easily
  • Submit your address and contact details and we'll be in touch to explain everything you need to know about the Trade-In Mortgage and answer any questions you may have.
  • If you decide yuo would like to proceed, we'll take you through the remainder of application process (only 5 minutes).
  • You will receive your no-obligation purchase price guarantee (PPG) within 3-5 business days.
  • If you're happy with the PPG, accept it and get pre-qualified for your new home loan.
  • Note: if your old home doesn't sell within 120 days, Calque will purchase it for the PPG.
Buy your dream home with more bargaining power
  • Blok can help you find your new, dream home and assist with the negotiations. Start your search here.
  • Submit a non-contingent offer that's as good as cash.
  • Once your offer is accepted, we'll finalize the underwriting process and give you the down payment for your new home.
Prep your old home for sale after you've moved out
  • Move into your new home before your old home even hits the market.
  • Blok can assist you with repairs on your old home so it sells for top dollar.
  • Only pay one mortgage while you wait for the old home to sell.
Sell your old home and save
  • Sell your old home on the open market for a competitive price.
  • Move forward with a conventional 80% loan on your new home without incurring extra costs like moving twice or private mortgage insurance.
  • If your old home hasn't sold within 120 days, Calque will purchase it for the PPG.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trade-In Mortgage?
A Trade-In Mortgage is an innovative home loan product that enables homeowners to buy their new home before selling their existing one. We use a new process that allows you to leverage the equity you have in your existing home before you even list it on the market. This simplifies and streamlines the home-buying process and reduces stress by: empowering you to submit attractive non-contingent offers as good as cash on new home prospects, buy and move into your new home before you sell your existing one, and make repairs and prep your old home for sale after you have moved out so it always looks show-ready and sells for the best price. Our goal is to help you buy and sell your next home on your terms.
How much does a Trade-In Mortgage Mortgage cost?
On average, the Trade-In Mortgage fee is approximately 1.5% of the purchase price of the new home in most markets. However, many consumers actually experience cost savings compared to the traditional home buying process; Blok can help you negotiate a lower purchase price on your new home by leveraging a non-contingent offer, and for the small fee listed above, you avoid the potential costs of moving twice, short term rentals, and/or costly private mortgage insurance.
What happens if my old house doesn't sell within the specified timeframe on the open market ?
Our goal is to help you sell your old house for maximum value on the open market. However, we provide a back-up plan to help consumers who aren't able to sell their homes in time. When you first apply for a Trade-In Mortgage, our partner, Calque, will send you a purchase price guarantee (PPG) stating how much they will pay for your house if it doesn't sell on the open market within the specified timeframe (usually 120 days in most markets). In the small number of instances when a client's house doesn't sell on the open market, our partner, Calque, buys it for the previously agreed-upon PPG, which is usually at least 90% of the appraised value of the house.
Do I have to make two mortgage payments?
No - once you have purchased your new home, you will only make mortgage payments on the new home. The Trade-In Mortgage will cover the existing mortgage payments on the old home.
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