do real estate Your way.

Blok partners with top agents, teams and boutique brokerages to create, scale, and build wealth in their own business.


In an industry that'€™s changing,
real estate agents are making big things happen.

Doing Real Estate
their way

Why Rent your business

When you could
own it?

Conventional brokerages don'€™t allow agents to truly own their business. That'€™s where we come in. Blok enables top real estate agents and teams full ownership of their business.

Own 100%
of your business

Our unique solution provides you with full back office support, technology and expert assistance to streamline your operations and maximize your productivity.

Partner With Us


Blok and their team of professionals came in on the legal and brokerage side setting up the structure and getting the licenses in place to create my own business. They were instrumental in helping me conceptualize what my marketing would look like, what marketing my business would look like, and bringing my brand to life.

- Hollie Baker, Business Owner, Lufe

Create Your Company


Blok'€™s backend support doing the transaction management and all the other day-to-day things necessary to run a brokerage allowed us to focus on our agents. They helped us recruit agents and get more customers to grow our brokerage.

- Arkendra Johnson, Broker Luxury Homes of Tennessee

Grow Your Business


One of the primary reasons we went with Blok was to have a partner that was able to do our branding, our marketing, our financials, even our'€¦payroll. Blok handle all the things that take time. With them taking care of our back office we were able to scale our business.

- Aaron Kirchner, Business Owner LHC

Scale Your Business

Build Wealth

When we partnered with Blok we discussed our long term vision and put a plan and structure in place to get us there. One year later, with Blok'€™s help, our revenue has more than doubled but more importantly we'€™re not just growing revenue, we'€™re building wealth. 

- Aaron Kirchner, Business Owner LHC

Build Your Wealth

& Network

Partner With Us

Collaborate with your SUPPORT team

We have everything we need on the Blok App, conversations with agents in our firm, checking on the status of contracts and a direct line of communication with the marketing department. Blok'€™s platform allows us to network and collaborate on referrals across brokerages.

- Patrick Murray, Partner Agent

Are you a

Top Producing
Agent or team?

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Achieve SUCCESS with the power of our INVISIBLE PARTNERSHIP.

Blok is this invisible driving force behind the scene that makes things happen. It sets you up to be successful, I love it.

- Qui Daugherty, Partner Agent

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